Proximity Mobile is a mobile software and services company developing products that leverage location and sensor technologies to connect the physical and online world and create interactions with the Internet of Things.

Location Services

We leverage GPS, WiFI, Cellular and other location services to create interactions based on a person’s proximity to a specific geographic location


We leverage Bluetooth low energy devices to create interactions based on a persons proximity to a beacon to provide accurate location indoors at short ranges


We leverage motion and other sensors built into mobile phones to help determine the context of the situation to deliver more meaningful interactions


We have developed two consumer facing applications so far that showcase some of our work with these technologies. They allow users to use location based triggers to launch automated actions in the background or keep track of their time spent at each location. They are available now in the Apple App Store.


Proximity Events

Proximity Events let’s you use your phone’s sensors to trigger automated actions in the background. Use geographic locations or iBeacons to trigger multiple types of actions. Your phone is an invisible button to help you automate your life.


Proximity Log

Proximity Log is an automated location based time tracking solution that tracks your time spent at multiple locations. Set a geofence around your work or client locations or put an iBeacon in your home office to help you track your time spent at each location

Products and Services

We believe that Proximity technologies are going to enable entirely new user experiences that connect the physical and online worlds. We have other products and services under development that target small business applications for these technologies. We will have more to share on this in the future.

We also offer consulting or custom development services in cases where there is strategic alignment with our product roadmap. If you are developing an application that could benefit from integrating location based triggers or advanced contextual information with a back end web application or API, we are interested in talking to you. We are open to licensing our technology or helping you build a custom solution to speed up your development process.